Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does shipping take?
Shipping time depends and varies on your location. 
Our flat rate is around 5-7 weekdays which is both for international and domestically.
Can I buy express shipping?
When at the checkout page, you are able to see all shipping options. Depending on your location, express shipping might be available. 

Our system automatically detects the fastest shipping possibility for you. If express is not present, then your order will be sent with the fastest option available. 
How can I update my shipping address?
If your order has not yet been sent, then you can send us an email to - where you need to inform about your order number and the updated process.

It's not possible for us to stop the shipment process, once your order has left our location. 
Once we would receive the package back, you would be able to get it sent to your updated address.
Cancel or update order
You can always cancel or update your order. If you need to update it, then make sure to do so before your order has been sent.

As for cancelling your order, then we would need to have received the goods back before we can accommodate a refund.
How do I know which size to order?
Please check our sizing guide, to make sure that you get the correct measurements for your order.

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